Tuesday, March 30, 2010



It's not in the hills around Vernon, although it once was in small quantities. Canistear Mine had small traces.

The real treasure is the families that live here. All sports are available on beautiful fields.

Hiking trails through preserves to see Red Tail Hawks and all the other species. Deer and Bears are around, so you have to be carefull.

Still, when you walk out your front door and see the seasons change, there is no other place than Vernon.

It's a great town for families.

Friday, March 26, 2010


The Cannonball House in Springfield NJ.

The British and Hessian Armies attacked from Elizabethtown West towards Hobart Gap. The goal was Morristown and the supplies kept there and any small part of the Continental Army in camp.
The Militia rose up and General Nathanial Greene led them to resist the attack and turn back the British. Not before the town of Springfield was burned down. Washington returned here to see this surviving house and three others. They were spared because the British used them as hospitals.
General Washington stayed here for a few days to be sure the British would not return.
When the house was repaired, a cannonball was discovered in the rafters. The projectile and the house are part of the Springfield Historical Society.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Washington visited Tappan New York 4 times through the war.

8/8/- 8/23/1780.

9/28/- 10/6/1780.

5/4/- 5/8/1783.


The restaurant above was a tavern at the time of Benedict Arnold
and was where British Officer Major John Andre was held prior to his execution.

Below is the marker for the gallows where Major John Andre' was executed for spying and his participation in the Benedict Arnold affair.

The DeWint House today as it is maintained by the Masons.
Washington met with British Officers and officials prior to the surrender of NYC at the DeWint House. Over a banquet, the terms were stuck for the British withdrawl.
To the Masons credit, the House is now dedicated to Masons that were on both sides. I think George would have liked that.

Above and below is the John De Windt house. A modest farm house where General Washington made his headquarters.