Sunday, June 20, 2010


The 232nd Anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth

At attention on the parade ground.

The reenactors have a long day ahead as temps topped 91 degrees.

The 2nd NJ was there as well as the 11th Pennsylvania Militia.

The Monmouth Battlefield Park was full of tents.

And more tents!

The Light Dragoons.

The sutlers stores, all thirty of them had everything. Uniforms, shoes, boots, dresses, accessories and books are all available.
On this hot day, there were also ices and cold drinks.

A cannon demonstration.

The reenactors go all out and everyone was very friendly and ready to answer all questions.

The kids had a great time joining up with the Continental Army.

The soldiers had a different idea of what to drink in camp.

The British Soldiers in a drill.

The fife and drum.

The Americans get ready to march off to the battle.

Washington gives a great speech to the men.

The men are ready!

Last minute adjustments.

Some of the finery available.

From behind the safety line, we watch the dragoons and infantry fire at the British and Hessian's.

More troops move into position.

A counter march.

Washington arrives on the battlefield to steady the men.

The Americans are being flanked here.

The Hessian Jaeger and British foot soldier move up to fire.

The Hessian's are flanking the American position.

The American 4th Light Dragoons have dismounted and are fighting on foot.

The British have moved up to support the Hessian position.

The British have taken the field, until Washington regroups and forces them back.

6/28/1778, the Battle. The American Army stood toe to toe with the best Army in the world. The day was considered a draw, but the British left the field and retreated. It was the biggest and longest battle of the war. Casualties were high as men died from heat as well as battle.

6/19/2010, the re-enactment. I drove 190 miles to see the reenactment. It was $8 a car load, what a deal. The park is beautiful. This was so cool and my kids loved it. It was a wonderful Father's day present.