Wednesday, April 8, 2009


About a year ago I found out about Maureen Taylor's work. She and her co-author David Lambert have gone about finding pictures from the early days of photography of Revolutionary War soldiers. The men are old in these photos, but you can look into the eyes of the men who fought for this country before it was a country. They include life stories as well and they are great. They have a book coming out later this year and I can't wait. Here is the web page for the article:


brianjkovacs said...

This is really amazing stuff. This raises an interesting question. When do you think the founding generation ended. John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson? Or earlier with Monroe and Madison? I have read that Jackson was involved as young boy in some skirmishes and battles in the south. I would venture to say that if Jackson witnessed the war and could read the papers then he could certainly have been influenced by the preeminent founding leaders of the day.

ez History said...

Traditionally, James Monroe is the last of the Revolutionary War Founding Fathers. Both John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson were boys during the war. Jackson was a POW and Quincy Adams learned from his Father and Thomas Jefferson.

I personally believe that Quincy Adams was closer to the Revolutionary Spirit than Jackson. Jackson's escapades in his life proved him to be a different kind of man.