Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Middlebrook Encampment

In the area of Somerville New Jersey, Washington twice visited the ground and houses which became known as the Middlebrook Encampments. In the photo left and just below, Washington posted look outs to see what the British Army was doing up to 30 miles away. Here in the Watchung Mountains, the Continentals would look towards Manhattan, Staten Island and New Brunswick. British forces had New Brunswick as their base. They went out to gain forage or food for their army from January 1777 to July 1777. The Continentals would fight them to prevent the foraging activity.

Left, 30 miles distant is Staten Island.

In Bound Brook is the Van Horne
house used by American General's Lincoln and Wayne. Van Horne leaned towards Loyal sympathies, but was friendly to all who came to his door.

In Bedminster is the Vanderveer House used by General Henry Knox.
Knox used the grounds around the home to set up the first artillery training area for the Continental Army.

The Wallace House in Somerville. Wallace was a wealthy merchant from Philadelphia who just built this house in 1776. Washington used the home from 11/30/1778- 6/3/1779. He consulted with his General's. He was visited by Martha and reviewed his troops.

The library inside the Wallace House. It is easy to imagine the room used by the General and his officers.

In Boundbrook, next to the Raritan River is the Van Vegthan House. This was the headquarters of General Nathaniel Greene. Here during the winter, festivities included dances for the officers. One of the dances was a marathon between General Washington and Kitty Greene which lasted for 3 hours. The house is presently in rough shape and plenty of rehab.

In South Bound Brook is the Abraham Staats House. The Staats house was used by General Von Stueben in 1779.

All the houses are open to the public except the Van Vegthan house and have events to help raise funds to maintain them.

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