Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving on- RT.66

This is the entrance to Fantastic Cavern, at least the old one, when you had to crawl through a hole in the rocks. Now you can drive in, but watch your head as it has low head room.
The old Sinclair Station in Gay Parita Missouri. We passed with more frequency closed and collapsed buildings. Gary the owner of this station, was a wealth of info used on the rest of the trip.
This is one of the narrow bridges below previously described. The roadway is the poured concrete original bases. We were the only car on the road at this time.
After winding through the back roads, we popped out in Carthage Missouri. This is the local courthouse. It rises like a castle above the surrounding town square, beautiful. It looks like a movie set.
Galena Kansas above.

The Cafe on the Route is in the old corner bank building above. It is in Baxter Springs Kansas. It is more than road food, but cuisine. Try the Aztec Chicken. By the way legend has it, the bank was robbed by Jesse James. Next is the Rainbow Bridge just outside Baxter.
Baxter was also a site of Quantrill's raiders during the Civil War. The small Union garrison held them off. Rt. 66 is only 12 miles long in Kansas, so on to Oklahoma.

One of the surprises of Rt. 66 was the Will Rodgers Memorial in Claremore. It is really well done and kid friendly.

This next bridge photo is the Avery Bridge looking back at Tulsa, Another bridge too narrow for traffic and is now a walkway.

The roadways are largely untouched in Oklahoma. You still cross over and combine sometimes, but the interstate was built mostly away from 66. The tree covered rolling hills of eastern Oklahoma give way to more gradual grades and less trees. We are heading into Texas.

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