Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rt. 66 to St. Louis and beyond

We left the Cozy Dog Drive In and drove south on 66. More bad signs and u-turns to find our way. Finally, we came to Henry's Rabbit Ranch. Henry has a collection of memorabilia all around his place and was very helpful. He looks closed due to all the rust on his cars, but he's not thank goodness. He is located just below Staunton.

Did I mention Henry loves rabbit's?

After getting straight at Henry's we curved our way down to the Chain of Rocks Bridge. Just keep going southwest to Chain of Rocks Road and cross Rt. 3. The bridge you see is not it. Go over the City of Madison Bridge and past the landfill to the parking area for Chain of Rocks Bridge. It is decommissioned for traffic and open for bikes and walks. It was 100 degrees when I visited and when I started up the grade to cross the bridge, it was blazing! The trees were as high as the bridge here and the air didn't move. The swamps below gave the air a sweet-sour smell. The roadway is very narrow, hardly room for one car much less two. Then I broke out past the trees. The breeze was refreshing. From mid-point you could see all the way down to St. Louis and the Arch.

The Arch was amazing, 630 feet high. The area around it is the court house plaza with new Busch Stadium...nice. The display under the Arch was well done. It starts with a statue of Jefferson looking West. Then you walk around seeing all the things, places, people and events that shaped the Nation. Lindberg, Custer, Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, Eisenhower, Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph among too many to name. The Missouri, Judith, and Colorado Rivers.
Gold strikes, Dust Bowls, War, and farm belts. Enjoy the Arch, but leave time for the display.
It was 101 degrees and we needed refreshment. On Rt. 66 Ted Drewes Custard is the place to stop. We waited through the crowds.
Ted has a shake so thick, you can turn it over and it will not spill! Ingredients are plentiful and you can have it anyway you want. With a cold shake in hand I was ready for another thousand miles.
The reality of 66 is that there are too many places to stop and see. While I am not in a rush, I do have limits. Also, the poor sign issue is killing me. If you are lucky it takes 15 minutes to straighten yourself out, but usually it's longer. Henry also told me that signs were out there, but travelers sometimes borrow them to show their friends at home, my loss.

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laurakauffman said...

uncle Joe Aunt Cathy and the kids! this trip looks great. i love the picture of the rocket man and rabbit-horse. Last i heard yu were driving in Texas, thats a great place for burger and tex-mex. keep the blogs coming.