Thursday, April 15, 2010


Now a private home, this building was the Glenwood General Store owned by Daniel Bailey. Bailey was a captain in the Civil War for the New Jersey volunteers. When he returned, he became a mover and shaker in town. He had the family farm, and started the general store above and the grist mill pictured below.

The grist mill is now a bed and breakfast with a beautiful waterfall behind.
Bailey had numerous ventures which helped Glenwood and Vernon grow.

The beautiful Apple Valley Inn. Built in 1831 and is also at the 517 and 565 intersection.

The barns at the corner of 517 and 565 in Glenwood. When it's apple picking season, you start here.

Now it's the Pochuck deli, but it was built as the North Vernon Methodist church in 1863.

Glewood is still a gorgeous community and very country.

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