Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I recently read the Jan Baker article in the Advertiser about the Nordic house Coffee Shop on Rt. 94 by Fergusen's Funeral Home. So I stopped in and had some coffee...WOW! Delicious!

The article was about the township allowing or rather, not allowing low tech sandwich boards as advertising.
I can appreciate that the township doesn't want a lot of clutter on Rt. 94, but there are a lot of small businesses along the roadway that need our support.

The Nordic Shop has great coffee, smoothies, treats and a nice atmosphere. While I am late to this discussion, I hope my letter to the town council will encourage them to reconsider their position on denying sandwich boards. As the author of, I have driven all over the country and seen small business districts like ours.

You can look at Rt. 66 and see what works and doesn't . There are alot of low tech and fun logos all over that Vernon can try as well under township control. Regardless of what they decide on, they should try something to encourage and support the small business in town.

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