Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The Thomas Clarke House in Princeton New Jersey is starting to have problems. The house, built in 1772, is a white clapboard farm house. The structure is central to the Battle of Princeton fought on January 3rd 1777 between Crown forces and the Continental Army under the command of General George Washington.

The house also became hospital after the battle taking in both British and American wounded. American General Hugh Mercer died here nine days after the battle from being shot and bayoneted.

After two hundred years, the wooden house shows signs of rot.
The rot is especially evident around the windows.

Near the foundation, the rot is also evident.

The shutters, doors, threshold and steps also need work.

Lots of work!

Boards are popping.

Close ups show how much scrapping and painting is needed, but wood replacement is not always so easy to see.

The front steps are not safe!

More wood rot that is clear to see.

The second floor shutters need replacement.

Please help with donations, so that matching grants can be attained.

Please help the Princeton Batlefield Society with donations to help save the Clarke House:

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