Sunday, August 8, 2010


Beautiful Pennsylvannia roads lead you to St. Juliana's Church at Rock Lake.
The Roark family reunion has been going on for decades and I have been going for the last twenty. I have rarely been in the company of such gracious fun loving people.
The hall for the reunion. Needs a little work, but it still does the job. Burgers, hot dogs, and chicken are the fare with pizza at night.

The ice house below is now for storage.

The Rock Lake Cemetary has generations of Roarks and descendants.

The inside of St. Juliana's. The original structure burned down. This one was rebuilt in 1866.

The man below is T.J. Roark. He had four daugthers who married and gave him many grandchildren. The Ryan's, McGranahan's, Gill's, Taylor's, Page's, and McCormick's, plus Blue's, Clevenberg's and Tamkin's come together with ever growing numbers to celebrate their grandfather.

The Roark Rocket gives hay rides to all.

The cemetary shows the family members who served their country. The grass is cut and flowers trimmed.
St. Juliana's below is a lovely old church. Mass is out and now the party begins.

Some are not invited to the party!

Little Niagara Falls nearby. It is left over from an old lumber business.

A welcome addition to any celebration. What a surprise.

The reunion is every year and a wonderful chance to get caught up. Place names come alive with all the history and family stories. Grampa's corners, Flat Rock, Rock Lake, Lake Cuomo,, and the Sticker House don't always show up on the map, but they live through the collective memories of all who attend and that is the best kind of history.

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