Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In Warwick New York, at the town center, is this beautiful church. In the grounds around it, a celebration is held every year on July 27th of George Washington's visit in 1782.
He dined in the Baird Tavern. We don't know for sure if he stayed the night, but we do know that Martha did. Both were on their way to Newburgh New York for the Winter encampment and the end of the war.

The festival has music, kids activities, en actors, food, and local artisans. Some taught my daughter to make a wreath for her hair...nice. Warwick is a beautiful sleepy town. My kids and my wife all had a great time.

The artillery let off a charge to celebrate the arrival of General Washington!

The General and his ensign. The General gave a few words.

The Baird Tavern is open for the day. It has an active support group and has been lucky to have the support of the community.

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