Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's 1/1/1777 and in this small house Washington had a war council. The Douglass house in Trenton NJ. The first Battle of Trenton on Christmas was a victory for the Continentals.
Now The British and Hessian Armies were marching southwest from Princeton to attack Washington in full at Trenton.
Washington had sent out a small force to challenge the British progress on their march. This gave the Continentals time to prepare their position on the hill overlooking the town. The British and Hessians came on and attacked three times into the evening. The ground was covered in dead as the Americans would not yield.

Washington also knew that if he stayed on his hill, the British under Cornwallis would surround him and destroy him. So in the small Douglass house, Washington held a council. Greene, Sullivan, Cadwalader, Mercer, and Knox all voiced their opinions. The plan developed to withdraw the army at night and quietly march northwest to Princeton and attack the rear of the British Army.

So, camp fires were kept burning and the army quietly marched out at night.
They reformed the next morning and attacked the 7000 man British and Hessian Army at Princeton.

The Douglass House is currently being rehabbed and it is needed.

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