Monday, November 2, 2009


The King of Prussia Tavern is in King of Prussia Pennsylvania right in the mall area. At the time of the Revolution, it was named Berry's Tavern.

Washington is strongly believed to have Thanksgiving Dinner here with his officers in 1777. Thanksgiving was a New England tradition that Washington would have been familiar with. I do not know what his personal view was, but as a farmer at heart, I think he would have supported it.

It is thought that the name change to King of Prussia was to encourage the Hessian POW's to remain after the war locally. Also there were many officers that served with Germanic roots like Von Stueben and de Kalb.

The tavern eventually became landlocked due to road development for the mall. The state, local chamber of commerce and local interest groups combined to move the tavern and save it. They did a beautiful job!

It is adjacent to the Home Depot and worth the stop. Also, Lafayette was put through the Mason Ceremony here.

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Dick Bloom said...

Hi. Nice blurb about the KOP Inn. I'd like to add your picture of the Inn today to the Wikipedia entry for it. Do I have your permission? We don't want people to think the community hasn't been able to afford a camera since 1900, do we?