Sunday, November 1, 2009


In Pluckemin NJ, Martha Washington joined her husband on 1/4-5/1777 right after the Battle of Princeton. Incredible when you consider that in the month prior, a British raid destroyed the town. The British Cavalry burned the church, robbed many dwellings, drove off cattle and disrupted the village.

On 1/5/1777, British Captain William Leslie was buried in Pluckemin by Dr. Benjamin Rush. Rush was good friends with Leslie's sister when he was younger and studied medicine in Scotland. Leslie was the son of the Earl of Leven. Washington made sure that Capt, Leslie was buried with full military honors.
When I walked in the cemetary, I was drawn to the grave because it was the only Union Jack marker among all the American veteran flags. I wanted to know why.
Also in Pluckemin is the Boylan House, pictured below. Mr. and Mrs. Boylan hosted the Washington's for the Grand Alliance Ball of 2/18/1779. General Knox organized the ball for 400 guests to honor the French-American Alliance. Festivities included a thirteen gun salute, dinner, fireworks and a ball with the first dance between Washington and Mrs. Knox.
It was behind the Boylan House, in the fields that Knox organized an artillery corp. 1600 men with 60 cannons were trained as a forerunner to West Point.

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