Monday, November 9, 2009


From 8/23/1783-11/3/1783, Washington stayed at the Rockingham in Rocky Hill NJ. The Rockingham was 4 miles north of Princeton. Princeton was the home of the Congress at this time of the war.

The house was owned by Judge Berrian and is near the Millstone River. While in residence, Washington conferred with British representatives over the surrender of New York City.

He also received many guests and foreign dignitaries, dined with Martha and sat for a portrait by Charles Wilson Peale of Philadelphia. The duties of running the army fell to General Henry Knox. While here, Washington made a sizable donation to Princeton.

The house still stands. It has been moved many times, but now seems settled and is in good order, ready for visitors.

An ezhistory tour was attended by this gentleman who didn't get out of frame fast enough.

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