Friday, November 20, 2009


The Dey Mansion of Totowa New Jersey was home to Washington 7/1-28/1780. It is still a beautiful home and one of my favorites of all of Washington's Headquarters. Colonel Theunis Dey has a wonderful home. The Watchung Hills to the East protect the local militia and army from direct British attack.
While here Washington waited for news of the French. On July 14th, the news came. The French Fleet had come to Newport Rhode Island.
Count de Rochambeau had landed with 6000 thousand troops.
Washington left here to gather forces and protect the flank of his newly arrived ally. The word was, the British were moving towards Newport.
He returns 10/8-11/26/1780. The French Fleet has been caught in the Newport harbor by the British squadron and of late, 10 more ships have arrived from the West Indies.
Washington also learned that his General, Benedict Arnold had betrayed him.
On 10/22, Washington was ordering changes to the Southern army. General Gates, the hero of Saratoga had beaten badly by Lord Cornwallis and was subject to a board of inquiry. Washington had decided to send his reliable General Greene south to rebuild the command.
Washington had learned of the victory at King's Mountain and the link up with the French was underway.

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