Sunday, November 8, 2009


Not a public house.
On 11/15/1782, General Washington stayed with his friend Col. Cornelius Wynkoop in Stone Ridge NY.
Washington was moving North to meet with General Schuyler and a review of the New York State campaign.

At this time, the Asgill incident was concluded. Captain Charles Asgill was a British POW selected by lot to be executed in retaliation for the
death of Captain Joshua Huddy. Huddy was taken prisoner in Monmouth County New Jersey and hanged on April 12th. Letters were written to the French ambassador to intercede with Washington and Congress. Congress allowed Washington to release Asgill, so a pass was written allowing Asgill to travel to New York City and the British Forces there.

Washington moved onto Kingston NY on 11/16/1782. That house is gone.

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