Monday, July 6, 2009


North Rim

We drove from Zion down to Jacob's Lake Lodge just North of the Grand Canyon. It is a lovely, little old fashioned lodge. No TV and barely Wi-Fi, so it was a nice, very nice family meal and quality down time. The staff was very kind. We left the next morning in a misty haze, driving forty miles through meadows and forrests.(Shown below)

We came to the lodge area of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The cabins were cute and we felt like we were coming into a special part of the park.

Rubbing the nose of the statue Berty the donkey is supposed to bring good luck.

We walked through the lodge and into the viewing area. WOW!


Don't miss the Bright Angel Point. You walk from the lodge out to piece of rock overlooking the whole canyon. It looks easy, except for the altitude. Take care to not get winded from the thin air. The North Rim is not crowded and your park experience is wonderful.

South Rim
We drove the 3 1/2 hours around the canyon from North Rim to South Rim on 89. We came in at Desert View Observation Point. The view here is also spectacular. The parking area was crowded. We drove west from here towards the Canyon village. The viewing points allow stunning views.

We began the day in rain and as the hours passed, the sun broke through and the canyon became gorgeous.
The park has hiking trails, mule trails, and rafting trips available.

We found the roadways choked with traffic on the south rim. It was almost a Wal-Mart parking area on sales days. The view points were impaired by the crowds missing from the north rim.
We found that the lodge area was disappointing. The El Tovar Lodge was beautiful, but it was surrounded by a hodge podge of other lodges that do not always maintain the beauty of the park.
We would go back in a second, but I think to the North Rim.

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