Sunday, July 12, 2009

San Simeone

With a trip up the California Coast, a visit to Hearst Castle is a must. You would be wise to call ahead for a reservation. Drive north from LA to San Luis Obisbo and turn in on Route 1, the Pacific Coast Highway. The drive from the visitor center up the mountain to the castle is unbelievable. It is truly a castle in the clouds. The house has many tours and the introduction tour is excellent. You are shown through the pools, indoor and outdoor. You are also shown a guest house, the living room, dining room, play room, and movie room. Incredible!

A view from the garden area towards the main house.

Hearst spared no expense in building his home. Artwork and building parts from around the world. His guest list included the who's who of Hollywood, music, literature, and politics. The castle is fantastic and is a great beginning to the drive north.

Before you head out, remember this... gas up before you go. The price of fuel in California is higher than anywhere else I have been. $3.00 a gallon is going rate, but on Route 1 expect to see $4.49 to $5.00, yikes! So be warned, buy up before yo head up.
This leads up to a discussion of general prices on Route 1. Expect a mark up, so value is key.
Across the road from Hearst Castle is Sebastian's Cafe. A great value for the money. Not cheap, but the South West Stack sandwich is awesome. Have a great road trip.

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laurakauffman said...

lord knows i miss cali, wish i was there!