Saturday, July 11, 2009

Santa Barbara

The beautiful old mission church of Santa Barbara. The original chapel is in the back of the church. The church and surrounding structures are restored and in good condition. The mission network go from San Diego to San Francisco. They are along the Camino Real, the main roadway in Spanish California. The native Indians converted to Catholicism and helped to build a new world. The mission system remained integral to Californias development until the United States took over in 1849.

The mission is still an active church and is run by the Franciscans. The courtyard is beautiful with many displays to help you understand the mission and its importance since it was built in 1786.

The town of Santa Barbara is also lovely. Great shops line the street with fresh air markets down the center. Musicians play on the corner and cafes are everywhere.
Santa Barbara is a great day trip from LA.

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