Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Don't miss the Point Reyes National Seashore. Established in 1962, it is the cooperation of ranchers, dairymen, locals and the NPS that keeps this land pristine. All over the peninsula are small canyons that lead down to beautiful empty beaches(shown).

The beaches are little crescents open to the Pacific.
Also on the North side of the peninsula are a herd of Tule Elk. They were almost extinct, but hard work has brought them back and they are right next to the road.

Tamales Bay on the East side opens up to the Pacific for boaters. Point Reyes was also the epicenter of the 1906 earthquake.

Point Reyes Station is a small town of 91. It is considered among the Top Ten small towns in the country. Love to stay for the bakeries, restaurants, and nature trails, but no time.

Try the Bovine Bakery for breakfast and the Farm House Cafe for lunch or dinner. The cheese tray is local and will give you an indication of the delicious fare to follow.

Continue to drive North up the coast to Legget and so begins the Redwood forest. Eventually you will come to Eureka and this is a great small town too. The old historic district is mostly restored and the mansion below is the largest house I have seen other than Hearst Castle.

After Eureka, continue to Klamath and pay your respects to Paul Bunyan and his pet Babe the blue ox. The Redwoods soar up all around you, 300 feet.

After Klamath is Crescent City and the end of California. We linger in Crescent City at the Lighthouse Inn. This was a roomy hotel and we needed it to regain a little sanity. Crescent City seems to be an artist colony. At least all the artwork on the roadway inbound makes you think so. Crescent City is the only city hit by a tsunami of the lower 48 states.

The coastline is beautiful here as is the whole state. Fog has rolled in and the fog horn sounds. the waves continue to roll in and we must roll on.

We still have miles of Redwood to drive through on Route 199 into Oregon. We feel like we are on a movie set. The trees remind us of E.T., Ewoks, and many other films.

Onto Oregon and Crater Lake.

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