Monday, July 6, 2009


We drove south from Bryce on Rt. 89 to the 9 west interchange. We would not stay on top of the canyon in Zion, but drive down into it.
We passed by the Checkerboard Mesa on sharp curves through narrow road cuts.

We entered the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel and found the tunnel had windows in the side, an engineering marvel. This is a view afforded by such a window. As you exit the tunnel, you drive down via seven switchbacks and a roadway with little barrier for safety. Yikes!

The canyon opens up to reveal the stunning layers of rock cut out by the Virgin River.

The canyon is known among hikers as one of the best trail parks. The best way to see the park is horseback riding. The bus ride up the canyon is also amazing. No matter which way you choose, do not take for granted the heat and hydration. At 100 degrees, it doesn't feel it and it can cause you problems, my wife learned the hard way.
The canyon opens and narrows giving beautiful vistas and taking them away.

After Bryce, going down into the canyon is a welcome change for the different angle of view. You can also jump into the Virgin River at numerous locations if you feel the need to cool off.

On the north end of the park is the narrows. It is a tight cut through the rocks and is dangerous during flood season and you must be very careful in attempting.

Don't miss the Temple of Sinawava which is an easy walk. The Weeping Rock is marked as a short, easy walk. It is short, but not easy as it is a climb. The end is wonderful. The water gently rains down on you from the shale layer and brings you relief from the heat.

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