Saturday, July 11, 2009


In Old Town, San Diego leave the day open. The area was revitalized with shops and attention to old stores and industries. They have many displays for the kids from the Spanish settlement period.

The courtyard that is the center of Old Town is complete with sidewalk shops, cafes, artists, musicians and historical buildings. We had Margaritas at Fiesta De Reyes, great food too and wonderful staff.
I loved the wind chimes and pots in this shop. Prices were easy on the wallet.

Just outside the Old Town Square is the Whaley House. The Whaley House is possibly haunted. Regardless, the interior rooms are decorated to period and are quite nice as they give you a glimpse into early California.

So you could go to Balboa Park and see the Zoo or play Frisbee golf, but spending the day at Old Town was a welcome change for us and could be for you.

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laurakauffman said...

seems to me you guys have seen so much. I cannot wait for more posts. What a great trip. Are you now back on schedule?