Monday, July 6, 2009


We left Flagstaff early in the morning on Rt. 66 eastbound and joined Rt. 89 north. We drove for five hours through miles of jaw dropping beauty. We stopped briefly at Kanab Utah for the last gar that was reasonably priced. What could worth the driving time?

Bryce Canyon National Park

Walk up to Inspiration Point and see if it's worth the trip!

You can see the arches forming here that will give way and from more hoodos. That's what you call the rocks that are weathered away like the ones pictured below.

The hoodoos rise up above the forests. The roadway in Bryce runs along the rim of the ridge and allows you to look down on the formations. Then you turn around at the end of the trail and return.

The hoodoos take on shapes that resemble things that cause them to be nicknamed like the poodle andThor's Hammer.

I can try and tell you how beautiful Bryce Canyon is, but my words would not do it justice. The feelings that it generates, you would have to be here to experience for yourself.

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