Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rt. 66- BIG

As we drove Rt. 66 in Texas, it became clearer how the loss of 66 had crippled many of the towns along the way. I think it possible for you to buy a whole town depending. Despite the financial hardship many of the towns are dealing with, there are bright spots. Things are still done in a big way in Texas.
In Groom Texas, my son is helping me show the water tower. It is not the biggest in the world, but it was built on an angle to cause people to stop and ask why, then they would laugh and maybe buy coffee or a piece of pie. They have good pie in Texas, more on that later.

Also in Groom Texas, there is the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere.

In Conway, there is the Bug Ranch.
The businesses on both sides of the VW bugs buried nose first are gone, the bug ranch continues on.

Next on Rt. 66 is Amarillo and yes we were there in the morning.Amarillo is not the heart of Texas, but this is the heart of Amarillo. The old 66 section is showing signs of urban renewel, just not enough yet.

The Big Texan is a classic of Rt.66 which moved down to Rt.40 and is doing well. Restaurant, hotel, poker room, and other ventures all seem to be living up to the Texas lore.

Could this be the boot of Pecos Bill?

Outside of Amarillo are these 10 Cadillacs buried nose down by artist Stanley Marsh 3. The work dedicated to oil excess decades ago, now seems like tombstones to the auto industry now!

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Mary Alice said...

I've been waiting al week to read the next episode in your Great American Road trip. You don't disappoint. This is great stuff. So interesting!